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RPM Alliance has a team of consultants who are experts across multiple domains and provide advisory services to develop strategic approaches enabling our clients to have the ability to select expertise of their choice. We understand the importance of collecting precise data from both a market and clinical point of view with over combined 60 years of clinical research experience and capability to serve more than 25 countries. Beyond science and strategy, we always believe in exceeding our client’s expectations.

By combining our experience and expertise to meet commercial milestones and delivering valued analysis with cutting edge technologies, we deliver high value consultancy to solve technology issues understanding end-to-end drug development and healthcare delivery concerns that our sponsors might be facing around their trial needs. We are known to analyze data to enable programs providing expert advice in EDC design, study setup and implementation of trials involving all phases ensuring full practical feasibility in our advisory service.

We understand it takes time to build genuine trust and therefore in all cases we are always looking to add value to our work with respect to quality, speed and costs. We support our sponsors to help get their drugs to market quicker and build long- term relationships with them.

We offer advisory services that include both statistical and clinical consultancies such as:

  • Protocol design
  • Project planning
  • Safety narratives
  • Vendor audits
  • Statistical methods to enhance study efficiency
  • Medical writing
  • Site auditing
  • Clinical trial design and execution
  • Ensuring optimal study size
  • Clinical trial submissions
  • Programming level design
  • Gap analysis
  • Budget control
  • SAE reporting
  • GCP training
  • Communication planning
  • Competitive intelligence & market positioning
  • Regulatory advice/support
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