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At RPM Alliance, we believe in employee retention with significant professional growth in their careers for the long term success of both our employees and our organization. We highly support enhancing our employee’s skill development by helping them seek professional certifications, exposure to learning and execution of major tools and technologies in the industry.

We persuade our employees to attend conferences, seminars and workshops allowing them to work alongside top-grade seasoned professional across the clinical research domain. We are well aware that our proficient workforce contribute to the organization's success and therefore believe in rewarding our employees to remunerate, inspire to embrace challenges and motivate them to bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

We help shape our employee’s potentialities, by offering them a challenging and rewarding career. We ensure having a friendly and team-oriented working environment to maintain peaceful work-life balance and have happy employees. Our employees are exposed to the cutting-edge tools in the clinical research market enabling them to work across a varied group of customers and projects and in no time become a part of a growing data-focused CRO.

At RPM Alliance, our people are our priority, as we are aware that our employees are the key to our organization’s success. We strongly believe in work-life balance and employee satisfaction. We offer flexible working opportunities to help you perform and develop to the best of your capability.

We are focused on continuing our history as a flourishing and profitable company, on meeting the challenge of an ever-changing clinical research industry, and on ensuring a productive and enjoyable place to work. We want success reflecting on our employee’s career graph and therefore try to provide them with a workplace and platform where they can excel and challenge themselves thereby impacting their future positively.

We are always looking for professionals with passion to work, self-determination, willingness to be team players and keen to improve their interpersonal skills.

As we continue to grow, we anticipate having more of the following positions available:

Current Vacancies

Job Position Department Location
Senior Clinical Programmer Clinical Data Management Carlsbad, California
Senior Clinical Coder Clinical Data Management Carlsbad, California
Senior Clinical Data Manager Clinical Data Management Carlsbad, California
Senior Biostatistician Biostatistics Carlsbad, California
Medical Writer Clinical Operations Carlsbad, California

If you are interested to work with us please send an email to: career@rpmalliance.com


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